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We know it's not traditional,
It's not the way it's done,
Instead of a wedding list,
We'd like a bit of sun. 

We've lived together quite a while,
And all the bills are paid.
We've got our plates, our pots and pans
Our plans have all been made. 

So, if you'd like to give a gift
To help us celebrate
Something towards our "honeymoonfund"
We would sincerely appreciate! 

As we begin our lives together, we recognize how lucky we are to be blessed with the necessities of everyday life and have decided to instead plan an unforgettable honeymoon to celebrate the beginning of our married life together. If you’d like, please help send us along on a memorable honeymoon by contributing either in cash or transfer to our honeymoon fund account 


Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank 

Account Name: Ludmila Ordnungova 

IBAN: CZ8055000000001488770002 


Account No for CZ: 1488770002/5500 


The biggest gift of all, however, is your presence on our Big Day. Thank you for your love, and we can’t wait to share our day and honeymoon adventures with you!



Other Contacts

wedding planner
Pavla: +420 602 855 968

Transport Captain

Milan Kortan +420 608 558 050

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